Große Pläne

Nachdem hier ja sehr lange tote Hose war, möchte ich kurz erklären wieso.

Die Zeit in Japan war stressiger als erwartet, ich bin mehrfach umgezogen, habe viel gelernt und es gab auch einfach viel zu sehen. Denn Tokyo ist verdammt groß, außerdem konnte ich noch Korea erkunden und habe andere Teile Japans ausführlich bereist.

Da ich immer wieder nach Tipps, Plänen und wie ich das alles überhaupt geschafft habe gefragt wurde, habe ich beschlossen einen etwas professionelleren Blog und Youtube-Kanal zu eröffnen. Allerdings möchte ich meinen Namen da nicht direkt nennen, dass ist sicher nachvollziehbar.

Der Blog bzw. Kanal heißt Backpacker’s Guide to the World und ist unter selbigem Namen auch schon bei Youtube zu finden, sobald alles etwas präsentabler ist, werde ich die Links hier posten.

Don’t Panic!

Peru – the country of biodiversity

I just found this post on my tablet. It is from January, hope you enjoy reading.

I’ve been in Peru for about two weeks and I’m really impressed. Within a day you can pass so many different zones of climate…
There are a few options to head from Lima to Cusco, the two main ones are taking a bus or a 45 minute flight. And of course I took the bus and it ended up in the longest bus ride on my trip – about 25 hours!
At first a bit insecure but with enough food and something to read I boarded this bus. By the way I paid 36 Dollars for it, the cheapest way I found (well hitchhiking is probably cheaper, but impossible here).
It was a doppeldecker and my seat was in the first row in the middle of a Peruvian family who shared some Inka Cola with me. There was no need for a book because they showed quite a few movies, like Taken 2, of course in Spanish but it was possible to follow it. After the first movie they served dinner and drinks and I saw the most beautiful sunset in my life. Sunsets in the desert are just beautiful. After the dessert and the second movie I tried to sleep.

I woke up very early the following day and the landscape looked entirely different. Mountains, valleys, a lot of green and a free breakfast and a tea. Looking out of the windows was (of course) better than any movie they could show and the time past surprisingly fast. And there I was in Cusco after an epic 25 hours bus ride.

Don’t Panic!

(Pictures are coming soon…)

Und wieder weit weg…

…von „Zuhause“.

Wie einige wahrscheinlich bereits wissen, habe ich mich anfang des Jahres für das Programm „Sprache und Praxis in Japan“ beworben. Neben dem Erlernen der Sprache bietet das Stipendium die Möglichkeit Einblicke in japanische Firmen zu erhalten.

Vor etwa einem Monat ging dann die neue Reise los. Eine Reise, die eigentlich gar keine ist, denn Japan ist nun mein Zuhause, zumindest für 18 Monate. Anfangs war ich noch in einer Art Reisemodus, was auch daran lag, dass ich drei Mal umgezogen bin, jetzt jedoch legt sich dieses Gefühl nach und nach und Alltag kehrt so langsam ein. Ein Alltag, der sich fast täglich ändert. Immer, wenn ich ein neues Kanji lesen kann, verstehe ich mehr von der neuen Umgebung. Ich habe vor in Zukunft wieder etwas mehr von meiner „neuen Reise“ oder auch „Heimat“ zu berichten.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen.


Don’t Panic!

Welcome to the jungle

One of the best things I ever did was staying/living in the rain forest for four days. I tied my hammock in a house made of bamboo without windows, no electricity and yes I really appreciated my mosquito net.


I’ve already been to the jungle in Nicaragua but this experience was very different.
Especially all the trekking, canyoning, hiking I did. It felt like an adventure, climbing through waterfalls and along rocks.


And see beautiful rivers…


The jungle is not as dangerous as it seems to be, I have not seen any snake, scorpion or anaconda. Only some really big spiders and bucks. It’s a good thing to go away from civilization. There isn’t a switch to turn on the light, I had to use candles. Not warm water which is extremely nice after a long hike, no internet or phone signal. Time to sit and perceive your environment and all the different sounds in the jungle.
And time to hunt to banana:


Don’t Panic.


Flying on January 1st is something I will avoid doing again. I flew into Quito the capital of Ecuador which is located in an altitude between 1800 and 4800m. And that made the temperature very refreshing and nice. It also is only about 30 kilometer from the equator line which I visited together with my Kiwi travel mate the following day.
I tried to balance on the exact middle line with my eyes closed and I felt really out of balance.


They also had a bunch of different experiments on the Corioli effect or you can balance an egg on a nail.

Don’t Panic!